Tick attaches to tabletops like an oversized paper clip. The award-winning clamping system creates the most amazing designer tables in no time and effort - without any tools. Tick is available in three sizes.

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for all the boards out there

Our versatile Tick table legs love old boards, new boards, solid wood, plywood, doors, gates - you name it! Create an individual design, in terms of size and material, with the Tick system.


as simple as that

By pressing the the leg endings inwards, the tick opens at the top and can be pushed onto the top. When released, a firm clamp connection is created.

tick table legs function

design prices

2015 Stahl-Innovationspreis, Finalist in the category Steel-design

2012 Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Gold Award for Tick   

2012 Blickfang Designpreis Gold for Tick    

2012 WCC-Europe EUNIQUE award for contemporary crafts, nominated with Tick     

2012 Interior innovation award, Imm Cologne, nominated with Tick

2011 Designers open jury award, Leipzig, nominated with Tick

2009 IKEA/radio NRJ design award, Helsinki, 1. price with Tick


it all began small

In 2009, as part of my master's thesis at the University of Helsinki, I created the Tick table leg system. For more than a year, I spent countless hours making miniature wire models to work out the Tick system.

production today

Our Ticks are manufactured by medium-sized and highly specialised companies in southern Germany using state-of-the-art CNC bending machines. The tubular parts made of permanently elastic steel are welded by hand, sanded and then given a weatherproof and environmentally friendly powder coating (except for the stainless steel variant). The packaging is plastic-free.

tick table legs black


The Tick table system enables individual und sustainable furniture outside the mass market. It offers the possibility to get creative and play, be it with a plate from a carpenter, a cupboard door or an old board that is given new life. The flexible tick system turns to both long-lasting designer pieces and temporary furniture.

Made in South-Germany

design: Jakob Schenk
producer: jakob schenk
year: 2011

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Steel tube/Stainless steel tube D=16mml
Rubbercaps at the leg endings
Powdercoated (except the stainless steel)

Powdercoated, fine structure matt:

black, RAL 9005
white, RAL 9010
red, RAL 3000
yellow, RAL 1018

Stainless steel, brushed matt with hand in our workshop

Width of board: 65 -100 cm
Thickness of board: 20 - 33 mm
Weight of board: max 50kg
Length of board: Depending on the board material. The board should be suitably rigid and not sagging.

tick large

tick medium

tick small

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